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Authorized Training Center for the American Heart Association. Click for course information.

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Hands Only CPR


Learn Hands Only CPR

When a teen or an adult has a sudden cardiac arrest, his or her chances of survival greatly increase if someone nearby can immediately perform CPR. Unfortunately, less than 1/3 of those people who experience a cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location get that help. To encourage more people to step in and help, the American Heart Association has simplified the CPR recommendations.


Hands-Only CPR Overview

Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance Association Emergency Medical Services team is asking you to be a lifesaver by learning Hands-Only CPR.

Hands-Only CPR, performed by a bystander, has been shown to be as effective as "conventional" CPR in emergencies that occur at home, work or in public. There are only three steps to remember:

  1. Call 911

  2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest

  3. Utilize AED if available

        2015 Hands Only Fact Sheet

        Hands Only CPR Online Training

        AHA Hands Only CPR



Most bystanders are worried that they might do something wrong or make things worse, but your actions can only help. Any attempt at CPR is better than no attempt.

When an adult or teen suddenly collapses with cardiac arrest, their lungs and blood contain enough oxygen to keep vital organs healthy for the first few minutes, as long as someone provides high quality chest compressions with minimal interruption to pump blood to the heart and brain. Click here for more information on Hands-Only CPR.


Helpful links for additional information.

         American Heart Association



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